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Kensington Smith Planter Collection

If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.”   - Vincent Van Gogh


The Anatomy and Art of the Container

Planter as Frame
Just as a frame is designed to enhance the art it contains, so too is our planter designed to enhance the landscape it contains.

Rethinking What a Planter Is
Our original and copyrighted artisan planters are different from any planter you have seen or used.  We set out to re-think the notion of what a planter is.  We began by deconstructing a planter—looking closely at form, function, scale—and thinking also about the space and context a planter occupies.  No detail has been overlooked, no corners cut.

The Importance of Design and Engineering
Essentially a planter, like a house, is a container or box.  How that “box” is designed and constructed is the difference between something ordinary and something extraordinary.  The best products (think Apple®) have equal measure of design and engineering.  With all our products we adhere to the maxim “form follows function.”  We spend a lot of time field-testing our products in a variety of conditions to make sure we have aesthetics, ergonomics and durability fully resolved before a design is offered for sale.

The Heart of our Container
Surprisingly, most containers do not contain a liner.  Kind of like selling a car without an engine. We utilize an unprecedented triple-wall construction technique.  Our watertight liner is a single shell fabricated from 24-gauge sheet galvanneal. The liner is perforated on the bottom and includes a mesh screen for effective drainage.  The underside of our box is intentionally lifted above the ground to allow for proper air circulation.  The top edge of the liner is a formed flange that is pitched at an angle so that water drains inward to the plant.  The flange is finished with a baked powder coat enamel and is secured to the top wood frame with stainless steel washers with rubber gasket seals and hand-forged black oxidized screws.

Durable Construction
The structural core of our planter is a ¾” birwood ply box with lock-miter corner joinery.  It’s concealed so you won’t see it but we wanted you to know that we care as much about what you can’t see as what you can see.  

Face Frame Panels
Our planters have solid wood face frames with bead and reveal detailing—the hallmark of quality cabinetry. Each planter is fully finished on all 4-sides. A hand-forged steel edge banding that is finished with a baked powder coat enamel protects the bottom arch of the face frame.

Integrated Leg Design
Our corner legs are a 2-part integrated design with a wooden inner core and a formed steel outer casing.  The tight radius creates a soft corner. Silicon bronze screws, specifically designed for marine use, together with hand-forged taper head lag screws secure the various components together.

Prime and Paint
We’re especially obsessive with finishing. With us it’s a lot of tedious hand brushwork, not spray-and-go. Each wood component is fully primed on 6 faces prior to assembly to provide ultimate barrier coat seal and protection. Primed surfaces are sanded prior to hand application of 2-3 finish topcoats. We apply premium marine-quality alkyd enamel resulting in a high luster appearance that will continue to look freshly painted for 12-15 years.

Finishing Touches
Hand-forged hardware is one of our distinctive trademarks.  The generously scaled handles facilitate moving your planter.  Each planter comes with standard adjustable glides or optional antique porcelain caster wheels. To further protect against weather and environment no wood planter component is in direct contact with the ground. Finally, and the one we take most pride in, our signature metal nameplate is proudly affixed to each product.

Package and Ship
Whether your planter is traveling 10 miles or 10,000 miles we take great care to ensure that your planter is properly cartoned and/or crated to arrive in the same pristine condition as when it was wrapped.  We have a lot of experience with shipment of fine furniture.

We’re confident you won’t find a better value planter with the same collective measure of design, construction, materials and artisan craftsmanship. We’re equally confident that our planters are designed and engineered to last which is why we confidently offer a lifetime guarantee.

Our products are proudly made in the USA Made in the USA