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In any creative endeavor of value there needs to be an underlying foundation, creed, or principle that guides and sustains one’s work. At Kensington Smith why we do what we do is very clear.  We work in the space where design, ideas, craft and materials converge.  The stage we stand on, the world we live and work in, is surrounded by nature. The reality we see is not on TV but in Nature.  In Nature  we see a bounty of beauty.  Everywhere, we see color, pattern and form in all things—a dry stack stone wall, a pine cone, an araucana egg, a peacock feather, the bold blossom of a hydrangea, the moss on a brick walkway, the architecture of a beehive and bird’s nest, the symmetry of a spider web, a manicured row of English boxwoods, a sentry of wild sunflowers, the shadows that dance in the dappled light of a forest canopy, a canvas of color in a rose garden, the rhythm of a pasture fence that fades at the horizon’s edge, a cascade of morning glories, shells that line the ocean’s edge, the grace of the Blue Ridge mountains…the scene is endless.  Nature is our studio.

The space between design and craft has a long-standing tradition of rich and varied expression that is informed by culture.  For Mother Ann Lee and the Shakers the marriage of design and craft was a spiritual calling; for William Morris and the English Arts & Craft Movement and the Glasgow Style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, it was about truth in form and expression of material in response to the Industrial Revolution.  Well-known movements of Art Noveau, Vienna Secession and the Bauhaus each emerged from the shadow of arts and crafts heritage with much the same search for truth in design and material expression.

Our aspiration is that our work might continue and add in some modest measure to this legacy.  We view the union of design and craft as a well-traveled bridge that links man to nature.  We view our work as the footprints of our creative journey.


The shoulders we stand on…

William Morris Charles Rennie Mackintosh   Josef Hoffmann
    Gustav Stickley
    Wharton Esherick


“May your hands always be busy; may your feet always be swift; may you have a strong foundation when the winds of changes shift; may your heart always be joyful; may your song always be sung; and may you stay forever young.”       —Bob Dylan



"Be truthful in form and expression, be truthful in materials and construction, and the future will admire your work."

Eliel Saarinen, architect (1925)



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