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Design & Craft

For us the process of design is a constant search for an idea.  Only then does design begin to emerge from the ether.  Material is what breathes life into design and so we are very selective, some might say obsessive, about the materials we work with.  Integrity and authenticity of materials are just one aspect of what imparts character and distinction to our designs. The wood we use is sustainably harvested; the reclaimed barnwood we use on selected designs is hand-selected for character and patina. You will not find one plastic or composite component in our designs.  It is said of the arts that one has to find an authentic “voice” to find an audience.  Our trademark is the juxtaposition of opposites: new with old; technology with handcraft; elegance with rustic; tile with wood; pattern with texture; perfect with imperfect.  Just as importantly, we construct our products with permanence and durability in mind—the same way we admire an old house that was built 200 years ago with pride and attention to detail.  Do it right, or don't do it at all is something we adhere to.  All of our materials, adhesives, and finishes are weather durable, including what you don’t see like the marine-grade silicon bronze screws.  Some of the wood we use with our Garden Furniture has been thermally treated which is a relatively new, non-chemical, green-friendly, environmentally-safe method of changing the molecular structure of wood to significantly increase dimensional stability and durability—especially important with outdoor products.  

Unfortunately, true craftsmanship is rare in our disposable society. Here today, gone tomorrow. We think the poet Robert Frost had it right when he chose a different path—the one less traveled.  We chose this same path, not to be righteous, but rather because it feels right to us.  We embrace craftsmanship because it is simply what we believe in and what endures.  Just the same, we do have one foot planted firmly in the technology of our time—where it matters. We employ modern tools-of-the-trade, including computers for CAD drawings and solid modeling, website and social media for marketing, and laser and CNC equipment to accurately shape and dimension some of our component parts to exacting tolerance.  Still, it is the hands of our talented craftsmen, blacksmiths and artisans who sensitively craft, carve and finish each component part. Their unmistakable fingerprints imbue our designs with something wholly different, something altogether special and unique—passion and soul. As someone once commented, “Cranbrook grads breathe a rarified air.”

Beauty. Purpose. Form. Function. Grace. Endurance. Value—these are the markings of our designs.





“Fine art is that in which the hand,
the head, and the heart
of man go together.”

John Ruskin, 1852 
Poet and Artist

Could not do it without our talented team:

Steve, Matt, Tuli, Gretchen, Lori, Jason, Jacob, Amos, Irvin, Ivan, Carl, Jerry, Rob, Julie, Mario, Glenn, Mel, Sara, Jennifer, Leigh Anne, Janet, Emmett, Ingrid, Dean, Christian and Sam…

Respect and appreciation to everyone! —KS


Our products are proudly made in the USA Made in the USA