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About Us

Cranbrook, nestled on 260 acres in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has been called one of the most enchanted settings in America.  As a grad student at Cranbrook Academy of Art in the 80’s it is where I learned to see and create without constraints while surrounded by art and architecture and passionate and talented mentors and peers. It was there that I discovered a little known and trodden path meandering through the forest pines that converges into a corner near a cascading stream where one could glimpse in a single view a sweeping canvas of unassuming beauty and grace.  In this place, architecture, sculpture and nature seamlessly merged into one.  Today, we are some distance from then, and yet it is the indelible memory of the studio experience and that landscape scene that constantly guides our company as to what ideals, integrity, perseverance and dedication can create.  Cranbrook planted a seed in me that was carried to Lambertville, New Jersey and planted near the flow of another stream rich in history and tradition—the Delaware River.

Together with our talented craftsmen and artisans we are inspired in our endeavors to think differently and to aim high—to produce designs of enduring beauty, purpose and value.  We hope as you view our products that you’ll be inspired to beautify the landscape of your home & garden, campus & park, business or club with a few of our designs.

Special thanks to Leigh in Germany and Christian in Sweden for helping to build the "store". Finally, a public thank-you to my parents for the Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Legos, Erector Sets, Fischertechnik, the hundreds of model kits, the basement workshop, and the education that paved the way; to mentors Michael McCoy and Daniel Libeskind, studio mates, and best bud Andrew for the halcyon Cranbrook years; to Ray Eames for the ride of a lifetime; to Michael Graves and Geoffrey Beene for the formative years; to the many artists and designers I’ve met and continue to meet along the winding road; to my former students; and especially to Caroline for her enduring patience and understanding with my consuming passion.  It’s all about the journey and I have miles yet to travel.



Ken Smith
Founder-Designer / Kensington Smith, LLC
MFA Program, Cranbrook Academy of Art



"A life without beauty is only half-lived."

George Booth, 1925
Founder, Cranbrook

Our products are proudly made in the USA Made in the USA